Vivo Y21 Price in Bangladesh 2023

In this digital age, staying updated with the latest smartphone prices is crucial, especially when you’re in the market for a new device. If you’re eyeing the Vivo Y21 in Bangladesh and want to know all about its price in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the essential information you need to make an informed purchase decision. So, let’s dive right into it!

Unlocking the Vivo Y21

Before we delve into the specifics of its price, let’s get acquainted with the Vivo Y21. This smartphone is a noteworthy addition to Vivo’s lineup, boasting an array of features that cater to the diverse needs of smartphone users in Bangladesh.

Vivo Y21 Specification

Let’s kick things off by exploring the technical specifications of the Vivo Y21. Understanding the hardware and software aspects of this device will give you a better perspective on its overall value.

The Vivo Y21 comes equipped with:

  • A vibrant 6.51-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1600×720 (HD+).
  • Powered by the Helio P35 processor for smooth performance.
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage for ample space.
  • A feature-packed 13MP+2MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera.
  • A long-lasting 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging.
  • It runs on Funtouch OS 11.1 for an efficient user experience.
  • Dimensions: 164.26×76.08×8.00mm, Weight: 182g.
  • Available in Metallic Blue and Diamond Glow colors.

Vivo Y21 Price in Bangladesh: 2023 Update

Now, let’s talk about the price of the Vivo Y21 in Bangladesh in 2023. As of [current year], the Vivo Y21 is available at the attractive price of BDT 18,599. Please note that smartphone prices can vary slightly based on your location and the retailer you choose. However, this price offers excellent value for money given the device’s specifications and features.

Pros and Cons: Is the Vivo Y21 Worth It?

Let’s take a balanced look at the pros and cons of the Vivo Y21 to help you decide whether it’s the right smartphone for you.


  1. High-resolution display for immersive content consumption.
  2. Fast and responsive performance powered by the Helio P35.
  3. Ample storage space with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.
  4. Impressive camera capabilities for capturing memorable moments.
  5. Long-lasting 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging.


  1. [Insert any drawbacks or limitations here]

Where to Buy:

Now that you’re eager to get your hands on the Vivo Y21, you might wonder where to make the purchase. To ensure you’re getting a genuine device at the best price, consider buying from authorized Vivo dealers or reputable online retailers. Remember to compare prices and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Your Perfect Smartphone Awaits

In conclusion, the Vivo Y21 offers an enticing blend of features, performance, and affordability. With its competitive price of BDT 18,599 in Bangladesh in 2023, it’s a strong contender in the smartphone market. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a photography lover, or a multitasking pro, this device has something to offer.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable smartphone that won’t break the bank, the Vivo Y21 should be on your radar. Keep an eye on trusted retailers, grab the best deal, and elevate your smartphone experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where can I buy the Vivo Y21 in Bangladesh?
    • You can purchase the Vivo Y21 from authorized Vivo dealers and reputable online retailers. Compare prices to get the best deal.
  2. Is the Vivo Y21 suitable for gaming?
    • While the Vivo Y21 can handle light gaming, it’s not designed for heavy gaming sessions. Consider a gaming-focused smartphone for a better experience.
  3. Does the Vivo Y21 support expandable storage?
    • Yes, the Vivo Y21 allows you to expand storage using a microSD card, giving you more space for your files and apps.
  4. What’s the battery life like on the Vivo Y21?
    • The Vivo Y21 features a long-lasting 5000mAh battery that can easily last a full day with moderate usage.
  5. Are there any special promotions or discounts available on the Vivo Y21?
    • Retailers often offer promotions and discounts on smartphones, so keep an eye out for special deals to get the best price on the Vivo Y21.

Now that you’re well-informed about the Vivo Y21 and its price in Bangladesh for 2023, you’re ready to make a smart purchase decision. Enjoy your new smartphone and all the incredible features it has to offer!

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